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Thursday, August 6, 2009

We're still standing

We don't believe in luck, we do believe in God's provision, hard work and the occasional dietary indulgence involving butter, chocolate with some Blue Bell ice cream. We aren't experiencing "bad luck" - a series of unfortunate circumstances perhaps? DH is doing OK - now being treated for a form of asthma ( not a diagnosis of asthma just all the medications for asthma - no it doesn't make much sense to me either). I'm recovering slowly from the fall I had several weeks ago on the dreadmill (also known to the wider public as a treadmill). Zoe Dog is on her last round of restricted activity following treatment for heartworm infestation and oh yeah - our house got hit by lightning last week.

You just have to laugh - and laugh a little more. The lightning was a tad terrifying - very loud noise, bright lights and bad smell of things burning. DH and I checked the house from attic to garage and found lots of melted wires, many non functioning electronic things and our two absolutely terrified little dogs! Now busy doing the insurance claim things. We will see when we get a settlement what will be possible to replace. Right now I'm on our Fred Flintstone level laptop computer - mine is fried. So no pictures for now - but it is good on Buhlaland when the sun shines and even when the storms come - because no storm lasts forever.


Momto5 RachelJoy Photography said...

phew... it was storming here tonight as I drove home. my LIl man D(Age 2) was crazy wide eyed at the lightening....

Lanny said...

Yikes! Wowie Zowie!! Glad all life forms are doing okay!

Fried wires ugh.

Asthma, I'm not sure anyone has ever written out a diagnosis of actual asthma for me yet and I have had it since college.

KathyB. said...

Oh my! I like the last line" storm lasts forever." Can we remind each other of that, OFTEN?

I am so glad to hear Zoe is still with you and on her last round of severe but successful treatment for heart worm. I am also glad that although your DH doesn't have asthma, asthma treatment is working.

I hope your fried house will be fixed soon without hitting your personal pocketbook too hard. Sounds like life is challenging there on Buhl-a-land but not defeating the hardy Texans that live there, praise God!

Anonymous said...'ve had your share of problems......we don't always know why these things happen....lightening! wow....glad you are all ok.....very dramatic! I remember the first time I saw a real electrical storm was back in Iowa first time visiting my inlaws...I was sitting in a window at night watching the bolts, Dad (FIL)came in and wondered if I was scared....he sat with me watching the sky and hearing the thunder...great man...I miss him and no, I wasn't scared...much

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Bless your heart! Lightening is something I always dread. I hope all gets better around you. Blessings,Kathleen

Kelly said...

We're so glad that you guys are ok. Storms come big and small. We have to bend like the trees. I will keep you in my prayers. Keep looking at the sunny side and keep the laughter in your heart.

Vickie said...

When it rains, it lightens, doesn't it? Sorry, bad joke...thanks for stopping by!

I hate to hear about ya'll's troubles, Linda. We've had lightning hit our house once and fried everything, burst the copper tubing on our fridge, we were gone, it flooded the kitchen and living room carpets, etc. We had a tornado fell a huge pine tree across our house and wound up doing about $45,000 repairs and renovations on the house. Silver lining - I got an ALL-NEW kitchen/dining/floors/walls/appliances - you name it.

I DO hope you're both on the mend physically (and your little pooch, too) and every other way. I don't believe in luck either, just God's provision. He will provide what you need. Chin up girl. {hugs}

Butterfly Mama said...

Wow glad you are both healing and you guys are hannging in there. It's always comforting to know that God loves us and can protect and guide us through those stormy paths.

Nice to meet you by the way, I keep seeing your comments at Sophies place!