Authentic Compassion

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Now where DID I leave that word?

Here on Buhlaland we often sky gaze and star gaze and always find something worthy of our attention. Paying attention is harder when we are scattered mentally and emotionally - a situation we've allowed to exist far too often in recent months. DH and I will ask one another "what was that guy's name?" or "where did we read such and such?" or the worst "you know - one of those _____s?!" we exclaim with such frustration. Misplacing a memory, a word, a name, a doe a deer a female deer - oops got carried away there- is so exasperating. I just read a blog posting which tickled me no end - glad to see it isn't our aging brain cells solely to blame for us playing hide and seek with our vocabulary. Thanks for bringing a laugh to Buhlaland ButterflyMama!


KathyB. said...

I have been losing words off and on lately too, well, most of my life. I have so many thoughts and great ideas whirling around in the gray matter that it seems to take time for the vocals to catch up with them. That's my theory, anyway!Funny!

I do get comfort though that the right words will come to me after awhile. When the words and names refuse to come , or I forget I was wanting that word or name, well....that is a different story, for later!

Kelly said...

I lose words to but seem to find them about 2am from a dead sleep.

LindaSue said...

KathyB - names are hard for me even when I taught years ago - seating charts were my friend!
Kelly - YOU TOO? doggone - glad I'm not alone in that - sometimes seems my best thoughts are in the middle of the night

Vickie said...

Middle of the night for me, too, Linda and Kelly.

Linda, thanks for your sweet words of comfort and encouragement. I know I can always count on my bloggie friends to care!

Anonymous said...

I have a really bad time with names. Lately it has been words too. I know what I want to say. Those that know me well sometimes do not say a word because they understand what I am saying, but I am trouble otherwise. :)

Perhaps it means I need to slow down. I keep telling myself that. To stop and enjoy the blessings a bit more.

Paula said...

Oh, don't feel bad, Linda Sue- I can't remember anything.

Well, except for numbers... I have a great memory for numbers, but forget what they belong to! LOL