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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Still kidding around

Don't want to do a blog post about the weather - it is just hot - hotter and soon to be hottest. We took pictures of our goat herd recently. Kids born in the winter are still too small for market (I fear having a nubian buck makes for low meat production but beautiful babies). Snickers is the buck - his eye-on-you picture shows his long nubian ears.

The goats with black ears are mother and daughter with their offspring.

Kids are still nursing - some of the does are "weaning" by simply walking away. The patient doe feeding her twin wethers is Yoyo - she was not a good mama but the babies are so persistent she allows them a few seconds of goat milking!

Cute faces and interesting personalities - the light colored twins are a doeling and wether - hope I haven't posted this picture before. Last picture is a doeling I call Brat -it is totally descriptive of her personality.
That's what's up in the pastures around Buhlaland - we bought some round bales of hay so the goatzees will have something to eat - not what they like but it is nutritious enough.
It's summertime on Buhlaland - we are still in a holding pattern about a new job for me and some clear path back to health for DH - but it is still good - possibility of rain soon. woo hoo!


Lanny said...

I just love it when you have pictures of your goats. What beautiful kids you have down on Buhlaland!

Prayers your way for clear paths!

LindaSue said...

Lanny - I appreciate you taking time to read and comment - I know this is an incredibly busy time of year for you! I'm in awe of how much food you are able to produce and preserve for your family - I used to think I was a gardener but know now - I was just a good "buyer of plants" and lived somewhere easy to grow things. Right now - I'm trying to do the one day at a time just keeping things from dying in the heat (things like plants and chickens! - and people)

Paula said...

Love the pictures, Linda Sue- the little ones are so cute! Hope everything works out soon for you and DH- patience is not a virtue for me so I can sympathize about "holding patterns"! LOL
Love and hugs from Tennessee!

Anonymous said...

What cute pictures - I love them all. Wishing you and your husband all the best and God's blessings.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

What is it about goats that just make you smile! They always look like they are up to no good!!!!!

I'm a good "buyer of plants" too. Nurseries love to see me coming!!!!
I'd get way more for my money at the farmer's market, believe me!

Jennifer said...

Loved the cute goat pictures! They are all pretty but that last goat is really a cool color! How neat!