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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Eggs, glorious eggs

We don't know which of the chickens actually got busy and did her job. This morning we found our first lovely little brown egg in the egg nesting boxes. It is shown next to an extra large eggland's best just to show size. Picture is one of the more aggressive hens - they seem to think it is a good idea to peck at us - a lot.
So we are in da egg bidness at long last (really only 4 months!) here on Buhlaland and that is good.
I don't think they really heard me say the words "chicken casserole if somebody doesn't get busy with the egg part" - but within 24 hours we had an egg. Hmmmm


Vickie said...

I think they heard you!!!

KathyB. said...

I KNOW they hear that kind of talk! We raised a batch of chicks many years ago and had only one green egg layer in the batch. Well, we had been getting eggs for at least a month from all our pullets except , no green eggs!Finally I had a talk with the girls in the hen house and said if there was no green egg soon we were going to be having chicken soup. The NEXT day we had our first green egg. Now how can that be a coincidence?


Lanny said...

That is exactly how Bet gets her girls out of a slump! If necessary she carries a big knife with her!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Nothing better than fresh eggs!!!!!
Glad they got on the ball (or should I say, on the egg!)!!!!!

Kelly said...

Yep, the girls do listen when threatened. Congrats! We have so many eggs that Ted is going to take about 20 or so dozen to the homeless shelter tomorrow. The girls are working overtime here. We have to get the sign up to sell the eggs from home. We have been bringing them to the unit and it is amazing that some folks are so lazy that they will buy eggs from the store because they don't want to carry them home from work.LAZY!

Paula said...

*LOL* Whatever you said to them Linda Sue, it worked!! I'm so glad you have chickies!! ( I know I've said that a hundred times, but...)