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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wisdom from afar

If you live in our part of the world -afar is pronounced as if it is spelled ah fawr (like burning wood). Your linguistics lesson for today in Texanese.
Chuck Swindoll is doing a series about living in the desert - not just dry lands but dry times for the soul - I particularly liked the quote from Amy Carmichael (missionary to Asia - amazing woman if you'll google for her - you'll be impressed). The picture here came from Donvahur's website-Amy as a young woman.

Amy Carmichael, wrote these words:
Before the winds that blow do cease,
Teach me to dwell within Thy calm:
Before the pain has passed in peace,
Give me, my God, to sing a psalm.
Let me not lose the chance to prove
The fullness of enabling love.
Oh, love of God, do this for me:
Maintain a constant victory.

Amen - when the winds are blowing against us here on Buhlaland - I want to remember that God doesn't always still the storm but He can give us peace in the midst of it.
It is good on Buhlaland - even in gale force winds.


Pam said...

OK, now you have me wondering if those gale force winds are literal, or figurative!

Lolosblog said...

As a fellow Texan, I am well accustomed to the wind. If it doesn't blow, we get a bit nervous.

If we continue to seek HIM, our calm does come during the storm. It is just another one of the many ways HE guides us. HE is my calm in the storm.

LindaSue said...

Pam - the roof was hit by literal winds - our lives seem to be in a bit of a hurricane lately. Brandi - yes ma'am - there is that calm before the storm thing that happens in West Texas! Yes - we put our trust in the Lord in the calm as well as the storm - works better that way so we aren't searching for Him in the big battles - we already know where He is.

Unknown said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog Ethos and commenting about Indy!

I have added you to my blogroll. You have a great blog.

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Pam said...

Thanks for dropping by today. Don't forget to keep up with us at my new home.

You are too sweet with your compliments.

Hope you stop by again.