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Monday, February 11, 2008

Looking up

Lord has been providing more beautiful skies recently . I think that is correct but it is possible having a new camera has made me more aware. I enjoy taking twenty or more pictures and picking through them for something appealing. The cloud formation with a rapidly approaching sunset made for dramatic colors and effects. I chose the picture with more color and less of the dark, smoke effect because I get a sense of sadness from the darker ones - as if the darkness is overtaking the light. I know that isn't true - where there is any light at all it dispels darkness.
Without going off the deep end here about darkness, light and all the symbolism inherent - I tend to choose light, colors, breezes, clothes, touches, humor, hair and definitely- Jesus - the Light of the World.
DH asked me how to spell maranatha - while making sure my brain hadn't misplaced that spelling- I found out the Aramaic phrase that results in Maranatha is used in the New Testament one time. We've read and been taught in scripture, repeating an idea gives it greater importance. Obviously once was enough for making an impact with that word - come, Lord. We talked at one time about naming our place Maranatha but I'm glad we didn't - Buhlaland suits us better (and mind you - DH doesn't call it that) and I don't like to trivialize the most important moment in human history (or future story if it doesn't happen before I get this posted).
I promise - I'll do some pictures and stories and recipes about flowers and food and birds and bees or something - I had to get this one out of my system. We're all about keeping systems cleared here on Buhlaland. Come, Lord - today would be good.


Paula said...

I can't tell you how many times I've went out in the morning and looked up at a beautiful sunrise and wondered, "could this be the day?" Thanks for sharing that today!

Lolosblog said...

I just love capturing a great sunrise or sunset in a picture. Yours are great. Thanks for sharing.

God Bless

Pam said...

The other day, I was out walking at sunset, and it was spectacular. I thought about you, and your love of sunrise/set pictures. Wish now I had taken a picture of it. Lord willing, there will be others.

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Hi Lindasue, I wandered onto your blog and enjoyed reading your posts. We live in Texas also. My favorite part of the day is the late afternoon. We take a long walk usually to watch the changing sky from the sunset. Stop by and visit me either here at Yesteryear Embroideries or visit my country living blog at Eggs In My Pocket. Blessings, Kathleen

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Hi again Lindasue, and thank you for your comments on my blog. I just had to tell you, that we live in Borden County, which is about 70 miles from Midland. If we don't go to Lubbock to shop, we go to Midland when the opportunity arises! We are country neighbors! Good to hear from you, blessings, Kathleen