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Friday, July 6, 2007

Haven't posted in a few days - hard to get decent pictures for the blog with our persistent rain and overcast. So what is posted is NOT quality photo . It isn't hailing - the flash went off due to the low light levels the raindrops show up as large white dots. This is water pouring down our driveway into our backyard. Pictures were taken on June 29 - the week of our heaviest rains. Since July 1 - we've had a mere 3 inches which is nearly 5 times the normal rainfall for July in North Texas. The next picture is the water pouring over a retaining wall making a miniature waterfall caused by the volume of water being more than our drainage pipes could handle . The building in the background is my husband's workshop.
As a good friend says"it's ALL good" and indeed it is. Independence Day celebrations were fun - we were at the home of good friends for a cookout and fireworks. Their home has a panoramic view and we watched literally a dozen different displays of fireworks. Great fun since no one had to worry about setting anything on fire - the ground was so wet some of the fireworks had to be set on rocks to properly ignite!

As always - it was good in Buhlaland.

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