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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Goat life is GOOD Some Days

It is warm and humid, we have so much grass of different varieties our little goat herd roams all over their pastures just "nibbling". The view is the very front of our front pasture - across the road you see a rock building with a metal roof - that is our real estate office. Yes that is a dead tree over there - it is on the highway department's right of way and we have been instructed we cannot remove it (although it is perilously likely to crash down on OUR parking area.)
We let the goats out on the front drive area - they are fenced off from our porch and backyard but can roam around the workshop and up to the gates onto the highway. Ellie and her mother Nubiana are taking a breather from overeating. Ellie is getting stronger and seems to be rallying after her health crisis. She is SO sweet - unfortunately didn't get the "hornless" trait from her mother but if we can keep her gentled the horns won't be a big negative in years to come.

Ellie has a little patch of white just on the side of her bottom lip - it looks like something she ate is hanging there. As her coat darkens - the white markings are more pronounced. She will be a pretty goat -those long ears just delight me.

Must not be meant to do more of this today - just lost some pictures I'd uploaded here and cannot access the files on our network right now. We have our office and home computers networked - makes it easier some ways but others - not so much.
Sit a while and "chew your cud" this week - I'm having some heart challenges lately and working through them - time with my goats helps. Bless you


Shaun said...

sweet goatses. With those ears, they remind me of hounds. I can just hear that scene from "The Fox and The Hound". Ima fox...Ima hownndawg... ♥

Pam said...

I never tire of looking at pictures of your goats. I don't suppose they smell as good as they look, but they sure are cute!