Authentic Compassion

Friday, June 29, 2007

Not a plague of anything - maybe an enticement for snakes but these little guys are everywhere.

We are overrun right now with hundreds of these tiny toads. I don't think they are frogs unless they are a variety of tree frog (though most of our tree frogs are bright green). Caught this little guy and put him in a box to take a picture with a quarter for size comparison - none turned out in focus since he was determined to get away! I'd cover him with my hand then pull my hand away and click - so here are the results. The phrase I kept thinking of was "all creatures great and small, our Lord God made them all". Remember the books and tv series about a country vet in England - All Creatures Great and Small? Anyway - this is what is showing up in our rainy land (I know I promised not to mention rain unless we got 6 or 7 inches - and we have passed that this week!).

It is good in Buhlaland - maybe the toads/frogs will eat some of the flies!


Pam said...

I'm not quite sure what my kid would make of all those tiny toads. My daughter says everything (including the little boys in the nursery) is cute, so that is probably what she would say. My son would probably just trample them!

Shaun said...

Can you hear my "awwwwww" from your place. How cute are dose toady-frogs. I have two I have named Spec and Spot. But they are the size of bread plates! They jump up the steps on my porch and clean-up on the bugs. Yea!! When it's hot (will that happen again?) they scooch out a hole under the condensation pipe from the AC. It looks like a little toady swimmin hole. I have a pic I will blog. They didn't have any drinks with tiny umbrellas, though.;)