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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Confession of an ugly secret!

OK - I have to confess - the few people who have read this blog have said how beautiful things are on our place. Yes - it is beautiful and we are blessed. HOWEVER - like everyone's life - things sometimes go awry. All the rain we've had is wonderful and good - unless you are a rose bush. The reason there are so few leaves on the Peace Rose is a massive case of black spot - a fungal problem compounded by rainy, humid weather. Didn't want anyone to think it is all spun sugar and perfection - of course posting about death and loss hasn't been exactly Pollyannaish has it?

Even more appalling is the normally beautiful yellow climber rosebush - it is not only afflicted with black spot - the nasty morning glories are once again attacking the side garden. A few years ago - I foolishly thought "a white picket fence would be SO picturesque with morning glories rambling all over it blooming like mad". Bad idea - very bad - now we have morning glories coming up like kudzu! Morning glories choking out roses, winding their way around the fence so I can't pull them out completely. So take this as a cautionary tale - don't put morning glories where you wouldn't want them for the next 20 years! I am planning an all out assault on the problems - have purchased some chemicals promising to kill unwanted vegetation and getting out shears to cut back. Then I'll burn the cuttings all rose bush cuttings and spray the remaining bush finishing by fertilizing it like mad. The weather forecasts are more "normal" for our area - hot and not raining. The vegetable garden is also bad but I can only stand to confess one of my ugly little secrets at a time.
Working in our office today - we were up early(I promise to quit saying that - we are ALWAYS up early so it is redundant - you can just assume - if I am talking about morning - it is early) and medicated, immunized and dosed with Red Cell some of the youngest goats (Nubie's buck is not thriving - after having it so easy for several years - this seems to be the year of problems with our goats). It is wonderful to have things that are productive to do. We are currently reading in Ecclesiastes and reminding ourselves - God gives us work to do and that is a good thing. Even Adam had a job! Work is a good four letter word - when you make a living at it or help someone else - it is really great!

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