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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just made me laugh

Montana looks like she is about to become the Flying Doe. She and her doeling Susannah were resting under shade trees and apparently keeping her ears out made her much cooler. One reason to keep goats - the laugh factor is pretty good.
We enjoy our laughs on Buhlaland and are watching the calendar - September is coming and we know someday it WILL rain again.


Anonymous said...

That really is funny! Georgia got rain today but it is still so very hot/humid. I hope you get rain very soon. Thanks for the giggle this evening.

Vickie said...

The Flying Nan! So cute. I mentioned to my hubby about maybe getting some goats when we move to the farm, and fell out laughing and said "no we're not getting goats". We'll see..... ;o)

KathyB. said...

Your Flying Nun ( doe) is a smart one.Beating the heat by lifting your ear flaps, don't you wish we could do that just every once in awhile?Not that I want ears big enough to be able to do this.

September, now that is one of my favorite months! Cooler, calmer,time to breathe and take stock of the rest of the year...the month before we go crazy with fall and winter festivities. Sweet September.

Your goats are so cute and yes, a good reason to keep them. The laugh factor. Never underestimate the power of laughter, or goats!

Lanny said...

Flap flapin' away. Hey, I sure do hope you get some rain down your way, we may get some on Sunday, need it, not as bad as others but the dust needs to be knocked down and a good dousing for everything. We've not seen rain rain for quite some time but nearly each morning we have had this cool marine air till about noon or two, save for a few days when we approached blast furnance stage.

I'm pleased to hear that you all down there are still smiling. That is always good to know.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

And I get the reference -grin-. We've had lots of rain and humididity but the temps have cooled a tad. Sure wish y'all could get some refreshing rain.