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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Look

DH and I have birthday about a month apart - his in January and mine in February. Since frugal finances and frivolous gifts don't exactly go hand in hand - we discussed and researched a long while before deciding to buy US a gift. WE got a new camera - more complicated than I would normally want and not as complicated (he wanted a DSLR) as DH prefers. Good compromise and the new header is a shot taken this morning.

I'm calling the foggy view of our visiting deer "you cannot see me - I'm totally hiding behind this tree" - because I'm feeling reclusive yet obviously still here.
We are fairly certain the yearling in this picture was our little visitor from last summer. The doe she is with all the time is an injured doe we saw around when the fawn appeared. The doe was badly injured in her left foreleg - and the mother of this deer limps when she runs. Fun to think it is the same one and they feel safe enough to hang around our place most of the time.
I haven't been completely absent from the internet - just not posting much. Our lives keep running into "rough patches" - periods where from day to day it seems difficult - but then with hindsight we can see life is back to our new normal.
Planning to post a picture or two from this weekend's planned birthday lunch on Sunday. Menu will include two kinds of pasta and simple breads, salad and chocolate cake.
Today's visit to Buhlaland's mailbox found a colorfully wrapped pagkage--a new book! I won a copy of Family Feasts for $75 a Week by Mary Ostyn of Owlhaven . This weekend's menu will include her version of Pasta Carbonara . Interesting sidenote is Mary is sister to Sophie .
It is good here on Buhlaland - winter took a sabbatical and we've had 70 degree weather. Deer visit our yard, goats are looking more ready to birth and God is always providing us with new reasons to be grateful. See y'all soon!.


Spring Lake Farm said...

Gorgeous photo! Great job with new camera.

Mary Humphrey said...

I am not sure what just happened but the screen says my comment has been saved, even though I had not written a comment yet. Ha!

We keep hitting rough patches too. It can really tax the mind. I turn to prayer. Throw myself into everything good that I can.

That is one beautiful photograph. It looks as pretty as a painting. Peaceful.

I love deer. I get sad when I see them killed during hunting season, yet, I am not against hunting. It makes no sense, does it?

Blessings to you.

LindaSue said...

thank you both for the kind comments - point and shoot a lot of pictures then delete the bad ones seems to be my photo skill! I hate for the deer to be killed - so many of these die from being hit on a road. No hunting in our immediate area since few places have enough acreage to make it safe to shoot. They are so delicate looking yet can clear a fence in the most graceful small leap. Mary -prayer is more a constant state of being for us now.

KathyB. said...

What a beautiful picture and header! I love your picture title "you cannot see me- I'm totally hiding behind this tree" and that sure looks like what she IS thinking!

I also like your realization that this is your new normal! I am thinking I need to come to a similar realization myself, I keep thinking things need to get back to normal and realized "normal" as in my ideal "normal" only happens once or twice a month maybe my big change this year will be finally admitting that! and living with my mind set accordingly.

It is always encouraging to read your take on the rough patches and how you give praise and thanks to God for all He has allowed into your lives, the good and the bad. Thank-you Linda Sue!

misty said...

Beautiful! I want a new camera too...she whines! When was Skips b-day? Mine was January 8th. Jay and I celebrated our 13th anniversary last Sunday. Love you guys!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Great idea to get a camera and happy birthday to both of you when you have your birthdays. What a wonderful photo! You should have this enlarged and framed. Blessings,Kathleen

Debbie said...

Your gift of a camera is a wise choice. Photos provide us with wonderful memories of things present and past. I especially like the ability to download and see pictures immediately. I remember the rolls and the developing and the losing of the rolls or forgetting to develope. Big expense, too.
The deer are so beautiful, I'm envious. You country people have all the fun!
Thanks for leaving a comment on my rant:)

Lanny said...

Your planned birthday feast sounds wonderful! We are feasty folks, always looking for a reason to feast and give thanks, it is never a really hard task to find those reasons! Nice pic. Praying for peace through those rough patches for you.

Anonymous said...

your birthdays are just like ours! His is in January and mines in February...good present in a new camera..something you'll both enjoy..we took a long walk today and both took!