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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Looking UP on August 2

You wonder (that is a literary device - because I obviously don't have a clue as to what you are wondering) why I talk so much about how I love this place. So I thought I'd work at showing you a little of a good morning with some pictures of the sun coming up. I totally understand that many of you (well that would be two or three out of the five I know who occasionally find their way to this blog) are not fans of that time of day. I am surprised by how much I love mornings - morning feels so NEW so promising. Even days I know are going to hold bad things(conflict - I am not good at conflict), hard things (funerals, separations whether temporary or permanent) or know(finding out news that hurts or scares or scars) it is still better to begin with joy. "Arise and shine for thy light has come." Chapter 60 of Isaiah might not mean exactly what my mother meant - but I heard that line first thing every morning for years of my childhood. Some years of my life - I absolutely didn't feel like shining, but now, I realize that no matter what else happens, the Light of the world came and nobody will ever be the same. Didn't realize I'd head this direction . I love mornings, each one is precious and the beauty so freely given is truly amazing!

Once the sun was fully up - I turned around and saw these beautiful clouds over our garage and workshop. God is SO generous! It is good in Buhlaland!

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