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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Moving Experience

No pictures no poems no pretty scenes - just me putting on a note from computer at work (my wonderful, stressful overpaid job - yes really!!)
Movers came and most of our "big" stuff is in new place - not in proper/comfortable/decorative place in new place - but available to be placed.
No internet at new house - Skybeam rudely insisted they provided service "OF COURSE" - as the customer disservice agent declared. As soon as installer drove up he said "y'all can't connect from here". :::sigh::::
So clever DH is working on an alternative route to get internet service - hope it works but until it does - y'all have a beautiful holiday week ! I'll be learning my country commute routes and praying for getting our big place on the market and SOLD ASAP!
If I don't comment on your blogs - not being rude just not able to get online much - soon - I hope to be back soon -- Buhlaland is still good - just on the move type good. A skunk visited us the first night at new place -DH and I were out in the garage surveying our domain (or possibly searching for paper plates so we could have some supper!)- apparently we are acceptable new neighbors because he did NOT leave his calling card!


Paula said...

Good to hear from you, Linda Sue... and sometimes life happens- we'll still be here when you are ready to post again! (And when you get internet service! *grin*)
So glad to hear the skunk didn't leave anything behind from his... um... behind...

Lanny said...

Well... I suppose if anyone is gonna leave his stink, better the internet installer rather than the vermin!

You write well, because it actually sounds like you're having a good time, as good as anyone who is moving can have!

Anonymous said...

Just a few months ago, we were going through exactly the same thing....hang in there, it WILL all get done eventually. God bless you both. Wishing you much happiness in the new place.

Debbie said...

Good of you to check in and let us know you've come to no harm :D Glad the skunk likes ya! Wishing you Happy Thanksgiving and a nice peaceful weekend sans TV.

KathyB. said...

Those innernet people...( misspelling intended) you just never know from one to the other what the real story is. Sounds like you are in high good spirits though and your life change is good, Buhl-a-land good!

I know you and Skip will have a wonderful time of Thanksgiving this week, innernet or no innernet, skunk or no skunk. Just find the paper plates and get er' done!

EBet said...

I have lived in the same house my whole life, so I have no idea what it must be can't be easy!!!! Have a happy Thanksgiving