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Friday, May 6, 2011


We had visitors last night - almost sundown and I was near the west end of our small front pasture. In a large, mostly dead (from Princess Bride movie - great line by Billy Crystal) oak tree there were literally dozens of small birds. Zoom lens and a little patience - beautiful guests were cedar waxwings (according to birding guides online). We don't get many people guests - been isolated too much too long apparently. So these bird visitors were very welcome - I took lots of pictures and walked around admiring the handiwork of our Creator - I am positive I couldn't have designed or even imagined cedar waxwings - great job. It was colorful and fun here on Buhlaland last
night. That is all good.

To those of you who are Mom's - early Happy Mother's Day -


Anonymous said...

About 10 years ago the Cedar Waxwings descended on my mom's yard to eat berries. I had never seen these birds before but they simply are gorgeous.
Enjoy the weekend - May God bless you both.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Aren't they just beautiful??? I've seen them a couple of times here in Florida, and yes, they seem to come in flocks like that. And Mildred is right, they LOVE anything with berries. Your pictures were perfect!!!! So glad you had a chance to visit with these feathered friends!!!

Debbie said...

Those are beautiful little birds. We don't have them around here, but I've seen them in Ind. and NC.
How unusual to see so many!

KathyB. said...

We get Cedar Waxwings frequently, they are fun to watch.

"Mostly dead", love that movie. We have watched it many times.

I think your goats would wish you a happy Mother's Day and jump on you even more enthusiastically if you were to remind them of the day. Next year make sure you post a calendar in their shelter with the day circled in red.

Lanny said...

Those are just durn good shots my friend! We often get a flock come through, more mid to late summer though, they are fantastic little birds so perfectly done, not a ruffled feather in sight.

By the way, Princess Bride, a favorite movie at our house.