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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sun Rise

I promise I didn't photoshop or adobeshop or stopnshop this picture - straight outta camera photo of sunrise this past week. Makes a person glad she dragged her entirely inordinately tired self out of bed and opened eyes to God's glory. I am not blogging much - sometimes not even leaving comments on the blogs I read. Must be in one of those learning seasons - where keeping my mouth shut (or keyboard quiet) benefits my brain and soul. Life continues a blessed and confusing path through Buhlaland - DH still doing too much and working hard (also known as standard operating procedure). I am still enjoying my part time job. Goats are growing up fast and I'm unwilling to get off the dime and sell some of them - too many right now for our pasture. Keep hoping some of the people we know and love will actually buy places in the country and we can place our goats with trustworthy people. Listening right now to iPod music playlist called Praise and Worship -- Amy Grant's older cd of hymns - loving the glory of voices, instruments and words.
Hope to do some cooking this weekend - meatloaf meal for DH's father's day. Staying cool by getting up before the sun and staying in shade or air conditioning as much as possible.
Things are good here on Buhlaland - especially when we rise up early in the morning


Anonymous said...

That is a lovely sunrise and the music video is beautiful too. It's hot here in GA and any work done gets done very early or very late. Late yesterday, I cooked enough for the weekend; glad that is behind me! Your meatloaf sounds very good. I love mashed potatoes with meatloaf. I love to listen to Amy Grant too. I hope you two have a nice afternoon. It's nice to have an update from you ~ I think of you both often.

LindaSue said...

Thank you Mildred - seems the south is sweltering this month. DH loves mashed potatoes also - will have to buy some if we are to have them - last bag of potatoes sprouted rather quickly. Heading into Fort Worth and hope to persuade him to go to Mardel's for a sale they are having. Good to hear from you also - thanks

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Such a beautiful sunrise...........makes it so worth it to get up early, doesn't it? I understand not wanting to blog or comment so much. Sometimes we just need to slow down. It is HOT here in West's your part of the woods? blessings,Kathleen

LindaSue said...

ah Kathleen - hotter than the front door to Hades! 101 right now out in the full sun - if one were fool enough to stand out in the full sun with all our shaded porch and trees to shelter you. Best part of weather like this is very early mornings and knowing - it won't last forever!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Beautiful sunrise; we see our fair share of them too as we're, usually, up before sunrise. It's easier to stay cool when the sun isn't so high in the sky, eh?
The crock pot is full of green beans canned last summer, new potatoes and ham pieces so supper is waiting on me for a change.
Yesterday I made blueberry jam and will make more tomorrow. How does it work out that the hottest time of the year is the best time to can?
Can you 'splain that to me, please?

slsommer said...

Glorious sunrise, Tex. Well worth emerging from the sleep cocoon.

KathyB. said...

Hot, hot weather makes me totally wilt. Drains any energy and ambition away. I am amazed you Texans and other Southerners get half what you do done!The weather here has been topping off in the high 50's, and it is still raining too.

LindaSue,the sunrise is beautiful. And being quiet sometimes so often allows us to think and ponder everything that matters.Sometimes just taking time to be quiet, to listen to His word through music, to listen to His world, see your goats, sunrises, watch your loving husband work hard in spite of his bad health because it is what keeps him going ~ allows proper perspective to flow back into the brain and heart.

Blessings and laughter (that's where the goats come in!) to you and your DH!