Authentic Compassion

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Who you lookin' at?

Almost nothing needs to be said - this steer wasn't thrilled to be forced to stand up while I took pictures - several pictures - but this shot expressed it all - get the Marty Feldman eye? We had a good time OFF Buhlaland land today - visiting a long horned cattle exhibit/show with friends. It was good and I grin every time I see "Big Gus" and his ticked off look (he is really a mild mannered fellow for weighing in the range of 1000 lbs!) Oops - I checked and Gus weighs in over a ton so sorry big guy - I was shorting you a bit on the total body weight!


Debbie said...

Love the Marty Feldman comparison. That longhorn has a really nice set of horns. One of the things I miss about Texas is their defining longhorn cattle. I don't see much of those around here. Good to see your having fun!

KathyB. said...

Longhorns are such impressive animals...don't you think you need a couple of these big guys running with your goat herd?

Good to read you and your DH got a day away with friends, always good for the heart & soul.

LindaSue said...

Unfortunately we sometimes have a couple of longhorns in a pasture with goats - or at least used to before neighbor repaired his fences! I can see them across the fence and that is plenty - thank you Kathy ! Debbie - I thought of Marty Feldman as soon as I downloaded the pictures - that crazy eye look!

Anonymous said...

we have some Texas Long horn cattle up in a neighboring town..remember I posted photos in a prior post in my blog? beautiful animals and thought your comparison was really clever and funny