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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bits of leftover Christmas

All these things are packed away now - the sand dollar ornament was given to DH and I when we owned a B&B in Colorado - very sweet woman blessed us with her presence and then a present also. Don't understand the significance of the dill pickle ornament but MIL felt we needed one - part of a German tradition for Christmas.

The last picture of my beloved Seal cat - he died last week. Seal liked laying in the sunshine under the Christmas tree and was scolding me for interrupting his nap with my silly camera. Yep - nothing more interesting to the random blog reader than a tribute to some woman's cat. Sorry but he was important to me and as I've said, I blog primarily for my own interests and expression. It is great when someone else likes a picture or something I've included so I appreciate any one who stops by, but sometimes, it is just for me. That's how it goes on Buhlaland - not often, but today.


Lolosblog said...

It is so funny to me how things happen sometime. I was just cruzing the blog-o-sphere and came across your blog. And what caught my eye was the pickle ornament. My cousin started a new tradition this year that has to do with that pickle.

German tradition is that the pickle is hung on the tree (not necessarily hidden, but not in plain view) and the first one to find it gets a prize and gets to place the ornament on the tree next year. This year, my daughter found it so it is stored up with all the other ornaments and she will place it on the tree next year.

I love your pictures! And enjoyed reading your blog. Pop on over sometime!

jennwa said...

I am sorry for your loss of your cat, I know pets can become a big part of the family. Our dogs mean a lot to us, so I understand.
I do not have a pickle ornament but I always say I am going to get one. I think it is a fun tradition and a cute ornament.

Rising Rainbow said...

WE are still hanging onto our Christmas tree. Hopefully it will be a memory soon and all the ornaments stored safely away like yours.

Pam said...

I think I need to get a pickle ornament next year! David's family is of Geman descent, and so we should have one...I didn't know!

So sorry about your cat. Looking back, it looks like I missed that part the other day. I'll blame it on my head injury...and my short right leg, of course! ;D