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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Favorite Holiday Decoration

Once upon a time - I was living in Midland Texas and we got these strange things called bonus checks - they usually came just in time to be spent for Christmas. One year (probably 1986) we decided we needed a nice nativity set for our holiday decor and purchased this set made by an artist group called Teissedre - they have an internet presence now and a store in Arizona. Our purchase was made in a small shop in Midland and has been a treasure. It isn't the most beautiful or even all that unique (you can still buy a set that looks almost the same) but it meant a lot to us. I think that is how I set value on things now - other than real estate which is my business. The value comes from what use the object has or the memory it brings afresh. The nativity set brings some great memories and there is almost no one left in my life who shared that time. So I set up these figures and recall sweet times. Life provides new events and people who are wonderful and a blessing - some days the old things just seem extra sweet to me and today is one of those days on Buhlaland.

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Pam said...

That is one sweet nativity set. In Guam, I was always seeing things carved out of wood by local craftsman, and it seems like someone would have made a nativity scene. If I ever go back, I will be sure to look for one! As you know from my Christmas tour, I'm all about the memories associated with the decorations.